What is a community fridge?

A community fridge is a space where local people can share food, this includes surplus from supermarkets, local food businesses, producers, households, and gardens. The primary purpose of the fridge is to save fresh food from going to waste.

The Community Fridge Network is coordinated by Hubbub, and there are more than 300 fridges across the UK.

Community fridge locations

We have two community fridges based in Winshill and Stapenhill that provide free, fresh food and pantry items to anyone who needs them. 

The fridges are available to everyone, not just residents living nearby. All we ask is that people only take what they need to ensure there's enough fresh food for everyone in need. 



Poster showing community fridge locations and times



Is the food really free?

Absolutely! No food should go to waste, especially whilst people are hungry. You're also helping the environment by reducing food waste.

All that we ask is that you only take what you need. This is to ensure the fridge can be benefitted by as many people who need it as possible.

Can I donate items for the fridge?

Yes, donations are welcome. We have to adhere to strict rules, so sadly we can only accept items that are either raw ingredients or pre-packaged meals from the store. 

We'd gratefully accept:

  • Sealed packaged foods
  • Cheeses
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Table sauces
  • Unopened pasteurised milk and yoghurts
  • Unopened fruit juices
  • Fresh eggs (traceable lion-stamped eggs with a use-by date)
  • Store cupboard items including tinned goods and jars
  • Packet foods, e.g. pasta.

All food donated must be clearly labelled with a complete list of ingredients, listing any allergens. Thank you.

Sorry, we are unable to accept:

  • Cooked food from your home or unregistered sources
  • Bean sprouts
  • Cooked rice
  • Raw milk cheeses
  • Unpasteurised milk
  • Pates
  • Products containing the above ingredients
  • Unlabelled multiple-ingredient items.


Where does the food come from?

We receive donations from businesses in the local area, many of whom have signed up to Neighbourly. Colleagues, contractors, and stakeholders of Trent & Dove have also kindly donated items to support the community fridge.

I'm a local business, can we donate items?

Thank you for your interest in supporting this project. We'd love to speak with you!

Please call 01283 528528 and ask to speak to a member of the Community Engagement Team or email us: community.engagement@trentanddove.org