Leaseholder newsletter

Welcome to your first leaseholder newsletter. We hope you find the information and advice about your housing service useful. 

In this edition (October 2023), we talk about:

  • Your updated leaseholder handbook
  • Roof works
  • Service charge certificates 
  • Long-term works
  • Alterations to your home
  • Insurance
  • Meet the team

Read it here: Leaseholder newsletter [pdf] 4MB

Leaseholder handbook

Your leaseholder handbook is a guide to the services we provide for leaseholders, whether you have bought your home under the right-to-buy or right-to-acquire schemes or on the open market.   leaseholder brochure

It describes your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder and our responsibilities to you as your landlord and also contains information about your lease.

It's a general guide for leaseholders, not a legal document. Please check your lease if you have specific queries and need detailed information.

At the end of the handbook, you will find a list of some of the common words and phrases we use in the document and their meaning. You can also find details of our data protection statement, our position on equality and diversity, and details of how to get in touch with us.

If you need the handbook in a different format, language or easy read, please, contact the team on or 01283 528528.