At the heart of our five-year strategic plan is our commitment to working together with our colleagues and partners to deliver our purpose and achieve excellent performance.

Given the huge range of challenges and priorities everyone is facing, we’re keen to make rapid progress on delivering the strategy and meeting the promises made to our customers, communities and stakeholders.

To help us achieve this in March 2023, we commissioned engagement specialists Creative Bridge to undertake an independent stakeholder perception survey. The survey led by its stakeholder engagement lead, Jacquie Anglin dug deeper into what our partners really think of Trent & Dove and helped us identify how we could do even more to achieve our aim of transforming homes, lives and communities.

Jacquie spoke with 36 key partners and gained more than 23 hours of feedback. A further 12 stakeholders responded to our online survey.

Highlighted feedback:

In a nutshell description word cloud Word cloud verdict

Next steps

We’re delighted to have had so much positive feedback and proud of how our people have created such a great impression with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Following a feedback session with our Board and Executive Team, we’ve agreed a dedicated action plan to improve stakeholder engagement. A key action is to improve awareness of our offer and to keep partners regularly informed via this webpage and our quarterly ezines, which you can view and subscribe to here.