Customer Committee

The Customer Committee’s purpose is to:

1. To provide a diverse cross-section of views, insight and opinion to the board from a customer perspective to:

a) Influence the board’s decision-making on key customer-related issues relating to the organisation’s responsibilities as a landlord or its commitment to communities (“Place-shaping”)
b) Enable the customer voice to shape and, and continuously improve, the homes and services that Trent & Dove provides and the community investments it makes. 

2. To scrutinise operational service delivery to ensure that quality, performance and impact is in line with:

a) The expectations set by the board
b) The organisation’s customer service commitments.

3. To provide assurance to the board on the impact and operation of Trent & Dove’s community support and investment activities, including:

a) Approving the criteria for awarding community grants and priorities for funding
b) Providing assurance to the board that Value for Money and Social Return on Investment is being achieved as a result of community initiatives, activities and grants.

4. To provide assurance to the board that there are effective mechanisms in place:

a) For the organisation to gather and analyse customer opinion and insight on key customer-related issues
b) For the organisation to take customers’ views into account in a meaningful way before making decisions on important matters which affect them
c) For the organisation to respond to customer views and feedback and implement continuous improvement actions
d) To enable the quality of homes and services provided by T&D to be continuously improved in response to customer insight and feedback;
e) to effectively communicate to customers how their views and insight have influenced Trent & Dove’s actions and decision-making.

Kim Smith | Chair and customer memberĀ 

Kim has been the Centre Manager at Winshill Neighbourhood Resource Centre (“WNRC”) for the past 10 years.

She also works with community groups and organisations to organise community events and achieve community goals. Prior to her appointment as the WNRC Centre Manager, she was a Youth Activity Coordinator in the borough, running youth groups and youth intervention programmes.

Anita Wanowicz | Customer member

Rachel Thompson | Customer member

Alz Coates | Customer member

Tracey White | Customer member

Karen Tear | Customer member

Ann Winslett | Customer member

Amy Taylor | Customer member

Jacky Astle | Independent member

Nick Bush | Independent member

Rolf Levesley | Senior Independent Director

Since retirement, Rolf has held a number of Non-Executive roles in the social housing sector, having been Chair of South Staffordshire Housing Association (2010-2016) and Housing Plus Group (2016-2019).  

As a qualified Solicitor and senior executive, Rolf has extensive experience in strategic and financial planning, in managing and motivating people, and in resolving difficult and sensitive issues. Rolf prides himself on his open and consultative approach.

Rolf is also a member of the Customer Committee and the Governance & Remuneration Committee.