Trent & Dove’s Customer Portal

What is It?

"My Account" is a secure on-line, password controlled system, which allows Trent & Dove's customers the ability to self-serve a number of tasks or requirements which would have previously meant a call to our Customer Services team.

Most new customers will start their journey with us by completing the online registration form through "My Account". Once they become a Trent & Dove tenant their "My Account" will develop to give them access to all the services detailed below.

Most existing customers can now register on "My Account, following the instructions below, to get 24/7 access.

What can I use it for?

My Application

  1. Start my application – complete your first application or use this form to apply for a transfer
  2. Tell us of a change to an existing application
  3. Upload documents to support your existing application
  4. Withdraw from the register if you no longer wish to be an applicant

My Rent Account

  1. View your rent balance & transactions
  2. Download a statement
  3. Make an enquiry about your account

Make a payment using credit or debit card through the secure payment system

My Household

  1. Provides details of current Household Members
  2. Allows you to provide us with details of any changes

What do Trent & Dove use it for

  1. Customer Information – providing useful general information to help support our customers in their home
  2. Customer Notifications – providing specific information to individual tenants or groups of tenants about either their area, their property or their accounts.

How do I apply

  1. Click on this link  to access the portal
  2. Click on the “Need to Register” link
  3. Complete the details required
  4. Once a verification email is received the portal account can be accessed using the link in the email