You said... We did!

We're committed to listening to our customers so we can improve homes and services, and how we contribute to and invest in our communities.

We're acting on the feedback from complaints and all surveys across the business.

This means that when you talk to us, we will:

  • Take action when we can
  • Explain why we are unable to do something
  • Let you know if we've not managed to achieve what we set out to.

This page contains all the latest updates on what you've been telling us and the actions we've taken as a result of your feedback. 

During August – October 2023, You said...

We want a quicker response time to a query about a repair

We've now introduced both our new repairs policy and our chargeable repairs policy.

These provide our customers with more in-depth clarity on our response times. They also introduce our new five-level priority system, with an aim to both help manage repair workloads and customer expectations with repair turnaround times.

These policy changes will feed through to our customer services system.  

Carry out more maintenance work, before the need for a repair is required

As part of our preventative repairs approach, we're introducing a MOT programme to sit alongside our planned maintenance works. 

Where we have properties that haven't reported any repairs for the last four years, we'll look to carry out inspections to assess any works required, where possible. 

We continue to be very concerned about issues damp & mould

Our repairs operatives and surveyors are now all trained to look for damp and mould when visiting customers' homes and to report these issues back as standard practice. 

They also carry advice leaflets to help inform customers on steps they can take while waiting for any issues to be addressed. In addition, the leaflet and a dedicated film help customers to spot the signs of damp, mould and condensation and how to tackle it and prevent it. The film and leaflet can be accessed here: Damp & mould | Website ( 

Following recent government legislation relating to Awwab’s Law, our new trainee surveyors will visit our most vulnerable customers to check for any damp and mould issues.

We will advise more on this programme soon.

We need a quicker assessment time for adaptation requests

Due to the extremely high numbers of our customers (approximately100+) currently waiting for adaptation assessments, we've partnered with the relevant local authorities to help signpost referrals to their local Occupational Therapist.  

This approach aims to help deliver a quicker assessment turnaround. All customers impacted will receive a phone call followed by a letter, and we very much hope this partnership will help manage both our customers’ expectations and support their needs in this area. 

What happens with any outstanding defects for my new home which haven’t been addressed by the end of the warranty period?

We've introduced a new and improved procedure for end-of-defect inspections. Under this, we will provide all residents of newly-built properties with a list of all outstanding defects at the end of the 12-month defect inspection. This will include a record of completion dates for any repairs identified, which will be shared within four weeks of the inspection.   

This procedure will be implemented rigorously in future sales, ensuring the quality and safety of the homes we provide. Additionally, we will incorporate these specifications into our contract documentation for new schemes. This will ensure that consultants and contractors have a clear understanding of our requirements and expectations.

We love the Coffee Connect van, plus the Trent & Dove presence it gives in the community

In 2022, we were awarded a Healthy Partnership Grant, which, with the help of Support Staffordshire aims to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of Staffordshire residents.

The grant led to the launch of Coffee Connect – where we take free coffee and conversations into our communities via our Coffee Connect vehicle all with the aim of reducing social isolation. 

Following the huge popularity and impact of this project, further grant funding has been awarded. We now have a new Coffee Connect trailer, which is our new replacement to the hired van. It has a slightly different look with more of a community feel, however, we wanted to keep it orange as it identifies with customers.   

For all the latest updates on where our Coffee Connect vehicle will be, along with lots of other community projects and events that are happening in the local area, our customers can follow us on Facebook or visit our website page

Coffee Connect trailer    Coffee Connect trailer

I didn’t expect the installation of my new bathroom/kitchen to be so messy, is it possible for the process to be less disruptive?

Before any works start at a property our investment team carries out a customer induction process. This is used to explain that unfortunately works of this nature can often result in disturbance to the property during this time, with the outcome being a level of dust and debris.

However, we have recently invested in a new dust extraction system to help minimise disturbance of this type following the feedback received from our customers.

How seriously are customer complaints taken?

We value all customer feedback, whether that be through a complaint received or recommendation. 

We're fully committed to a path of continuous improvement to ensure that our customers receive the service they deserve. We have recently started a special interest group that meets regularly to discuss complaints received and how we can use this information to improve our services. 

We are also currently reviewing our complaints policy, part of this will be to create user-friendly guidance for our customers' use.


The cost-of-living crisis continues to add a huge amount of financial pressure, can you help in anyway?

We continue to be committed to finding new ways in which we can support our customers.

Following a recent presentation to our Customer Committee we will shortly launch a trial of a new online platform, known as Housing Perks. The platform is accessed via a free mobile app and offers discounts of up to 18% on day-to-day purchases such food and fuel.

We also continue to offer support by our two community fridges and community cafés, plus our new partnership with Holland & Barrett, which ensures that short dated/discontinued goods are distributed to those in need rather than being sent to landfill.

Finally, there is also our hardship funding programme called Helping Hands, which was launched earlier this year, with the aim of alleviating hardship for customers who are most in need. It supports people and families who may be experiencing unexpected and unplanned financial difficulties. Details on how an application can be made for this support type can be found here or by contacting the Tenancy Sustainment team.


During April-June 2023, You said...

We want an easier way to share documents with you

We did...

Following the launch of our new customer portal, the most recent update has enabled customers to upload documents relating to their housing application directly to the portal. This means they can do this at a time and place of their choosing rather than calling or emailing.

We're concerned about damp & mould

We did...

We're working hard to ensure no customer has to experience the ill effects that the presence of damp and mould can have in their home.

We’ve created a leaflet and a film that will help customers identify and understand the causes of damp and mould. As well as how they can prevent and tackle it and report concerns (no matter how small) to any member of our team.




What support do you offer concerning the cost of living crisis?

We're committed to finding new ways to support our customers.

In addition to our two community fridges and community café, we've partnered with Holland & Barrett to ensure that short-dated and discontinued items are distributed to those in need rather than being sent to landfill.

To ensure we reach as many customers as possible, we’re taking the Community Pantry out on the road, sharing produce with customers via our Coffee Connect van and at community events.

We're struggling to get through on the phone

We did...

We’ve introduced a call waiting system that enables customers to make an informed decision as to whether they’d like to wait in the queue or contact us via another channel.

In addition to an extensive recruitment campaign, we're currently increasing the different ways that customers can contact us. With ongoing updates to the customer portal and a new website (launched September 2023) giving customers enhanced and improved access to source information and contact us.

We need clearer information on customer responsibilities vs Trent & Dove's

We did...

We've worked with members of our Customer Committee to draft and approve a repairs and maintenance policy, clearly outlining our commitment to you.

This will be available during September 2023 and will allow us to more effectively work with customers to deliver a great service.

During January-March 2023, You said...

We want to be able to see our rent balance and pay online

We did...

Our new customer portal, My Account is now being rolled out to customers. Once registered, you'll be able to view your rent balance and statement, and pay online, as well as more functions on their way this year.

Find out more here.

We want to be listened to and more involved in decision making

We did...

The Customer Committee has been giving feedback on the independent living strategy, repairs policy and rent policy.

The new special interest groups and grants panel have been formed to allow customers to be more involved. Some customers have also been sent surveys since Christmas on updating the Grounds Maintenance contract and Burton reception opening times.

More information on how you can make your voice heard across the organisation can be found on our Louder & Stronger page.

The shared ownership process needs to be clearer

We did...

The process has been updated and every application for a shared ownership property must now have a 'mortgage in principle' in place to ensure all applications can run as smoothly as possible.

We need more support with the cost of living

We did...

We've introduced our Warm Spaces project, providing warm spaces in our community cafes as well as providing low-cost or no-cost meals.

Our community fridge is up and running at both community cafes, and a Helping Hands Fund has been launched to help customers with emergency costs.

For areas outside the reach of our community cafes, there is support via the Coffee Connect project visiting communities. For more information on this please see our Cost of living support pages  and follow us on Facebook.

During October-December 2022, You said...

More board members who understand and talk about mental health

We did...

Trent & Dove has been recruiting volunteers to join our new special interest groups – one of which is for mental health.

The purpose of this group will be to feedback information regarding mental health and the voice of our customers about this topic to our Customer Committee and board.

For more information and the ways you can get involved, see our Louder & Stronger page.

Better access for emergency services and parking at Highwood Court

We did...

A wall is due to be removed to allow better access, and an extra parking space will also be created.

There are new signs in the car park, providing clearer directions for residents, visitors and carers.

I'm having issues with getting a refund for my garage account

We did...

There is now a new process in place set up for future queries regarding garage refunds, making it easier for customers and staff.

More information should be provided when purchasing a leasehold property

We did

A new leaseholder handbook is available. This is also sent to leaseholders who buy a property on the open market where Trent & Dove owns the Freehold.

You can see more information for leaseholders and a digital version of the handbook, here. 

During July-September 2022, You said...

We live in Dove Court, our homes are too warm in the summer

We did...

We've conducted surveys with the residents at Dove Court and have consulted on options to improve the situation. 

I need support filling in forms and a face-to-face appointment

We did...

To access support please call 01283528528 or email

Additionally, our reception in Burton is open on Mondays and Thursdays 11am-3pm.

More contact for shared owners after we move in

We did...

Our shared owners now get a welcome call from a member of our Income Team about a week after they move in. Following this our new Leaseholder Team will happily deal with any of your queries.

We want to be listened to more and our views be acted on

We did...

We're currently doing a survey with residents at our supported housing for older people schemes to understand their views on the current pet policy. This is following some residents raising concerns whether dogs or cats should be allowed at the schemes.

We want to be able to read your website on our mobiles in multiple languages

We did...

Our website now has the capability to be translated into 28 different languages, enabling our customers to have a much easier and more accessible experience.

In April-June 2022, You said...

There has been an increase in fly-tipping in my area

We did...

We made changes to the way we report fly-tipping on our systems.

This means...

When we're notified of any incidences of fly-tipping, we can respond much faster.

Listen to more customers

We did...

We're introducing our new Customer Committee and will be having more focus groups and surveys to increase the voice of our customers.

Support with loneliness and isolation

We did...

We have a new befriending service – and with more volunteers coming on board recently, we can connect and support more people. For more information please see our community & support pages

More support and a better offer for older people

We did...

We're currently working on our new older people’s strategy and setting out our priorities. As soon as this has been completed we'll share it with you.