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Rural Homelessness Counts Coalition responds to proposed legislation on homelessness

Tent in a rural location

The Rural Homelessness Coalition, of which Trent and Dove is a member, has responded to the Home Secretary's recent statements about homelessness.

The statement, which we fully support, reads:

As the Rural Homelessness Counts Coalition, a collective of over 20 organisations committed to eradicating homelessness, we must voice our deep concerns over the Home Secretary's recent statements and legislative proposals to limit the use of tents by those experiencing homelessness.

The increase in homelessness is not confined to urban centres; our rural communities are witnessing an alarming surge, with a 24% rise in rural rough sleeping within a year. This crisis is not a “lifestyle choice” but a consequence of housing unaffordability and inadequate support services, as evidenced by research from the Universities of Kent and Southampton.

The Home Secretary's proposals, while aimed at urban homelessness, will also impact rural communities where tents are also often a last resort for those without shelter. The measures to penalise tent usage and the charities that provide them are misguided. They do not address the root causes of homelessness and instead threaten the very organisations working tirelessly to alleviate this issue in both urban and rural settings.

Criminalising the provision of tents by charities will not solve homelessness; it will only serve to deepen the crisis. It risks reinforcing the stigma and shame that our research has identified as significant barriers to support in rural communities. These proposals could inadvertently drive those experiencing homelessness further from the help they need, increasing their vulnerability and making it even more challenging to access essential services.

We call upon the government to reconsider these proposals and focus on constructive solutions that address the underlying issues of homelessness:

  • Increase the availability of affordable housing and align housing benefits with the actual costs of living. 
  • Enhance support services in rural areas, including Housing First, outreach, and transportation options. 

The Rural Homelessness Counts Coalition is prepared to collaborate with policymakers to develop and implement strategies that genuinely address the complexities of homelessness.

Rory Weal

Chair, Rural Homelessness Counts Coalition

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