Rent increases

We review your rent and any additional charges you pay, every year in line with Government guidelines for social landlords on rent setting. The reviewed rent and charges will always start from the first Monday in April.

We'll write to all our customers (tenants, shared owners and leaseholders) at least four weeks before to set out how this affects you, explain the calculation and what support is available.

At the same time each year, we’ll also update this page with the new rent and service charge information and signpost to support.

Rents to increase by 7.7% from April

Rent leaflet front cover image2From Monday 1 April 2024 the average weekly rent for a Trent & Dove tenant will increase from £107.25 per week to £115.51 (an average of £8.26 per week, charged over 48 weeks).

This 7.7 per cent increase is in line with Government guidelines that enable social landlords to use the September 2023 inflation figure of 6.7 per cent plus 1 per cent to set the 2024/25 increase for rent and service charges.

Service charges are paid by all customers who live in a property with shared facilities and receive additional services such as grass cutting and cleaning and lighting of communal areas.

Shared ownership customers will also see an increased based on the terms of their lease.

Why is my rent increasing?

We understand that as the cost of living continues to rise, this has a direct impact on us all. Like our customers, Trent & Dove experiences these impacts first-hand with increased costs in materials, labour and the running of our services, which in some cases have increased by more than 20 per cent. 

This is why we need to review your rent and service charges each year to ensure we’re able to continue to invest in your home and the services we provide.

In addition to the standard landlord service paid for by your rent and any service charges, where applicable, we provide a wide range of community services and support for all our customers to access for free.

We’re committed to this approach to ensure we deliver on our mission of Providing affordable homes and services that enable people and communities to thrive .

Read our Rent increase 2024 _Supporting information [pdf] leaflet for details of the support and services we offer to enable you to do just that. Some of the information included may not apply to you, however, please read it through carefully to ensure you don’t miss out on anything that may help with or explain your rent increase further.

You can also access information from the FAQs below.

What do you spend my rent money on?

Rent and other charges we collect, are used to pay for the essential services we provide for our customers, such as repairs, improvements to your home and grounds maintenance.

You can see how our income was spent in 2022/23 in our Customer Annual Report.

When does the new rent year start and end?

If you rent one of our homes, rent will be payable from 1 April 2024 to 6 April 2025. If you are a shared owner, your new rent is payable as per the date stated in your lease.

This year because the first Monday in April 2025 falls on 7 April, your rent will be payable for 53 weeks instead of 52 weeks. This happens every six to seven years and is because each year is 365 days long which doesn’t fit neatly into a seven-day week. It does mean that if you’re on Universal Credit or pay your rent directly (not via Housing Benefit), you’ll need to make arrangements to pay an extra week’s rent over the next 13 months.

Contact our Income team on 01283 528528 if you need further support with this. 

How have you calculated the rent increase?

The rent increase of 7.7% is based on Government guidelines that enable social
landlords to use the September 2023 inflation figure of 6.7% plus 1% to set the
increase for 2024/25.

If you are a shared owner, your rent increase has been calculated according
to the terms of your lease. Talk to our Income team on 01283 528528 for
further advice.

Why is my rent more than my neighbour’s?

Rents can differ depending on when tenancies are signed and different grant funding arrangements for new homes. However, please be assured that each rent account is adjusted in line with Government guidelines and our rent setting policy.

We’re unable to discuss or comment on other customers’ accounts in line with our data protection policy, which covers general data protection regulation (GDPR) and privacy rights.

I’m worried that I cannot afford this, can you help?

Please don’t worry or struggle, you’re not alone.

We’re here to listen and help. Don’t wait. Contact us straight away to find out how we can help.
Call 01283 528528 and speak to our Income team.

Further information is available here.

I pay a service charge. Will that also increase?

We review service charges every year and do everything we can to make sure the service cost is good value for money.

Unfortunately, we are seeing costs rise but where we have been able to make savings, these reductions have been passed onto our customers.

Where can I get money advice due to the rent increase?

We’re here to support you. If you’re struggling to manage your home or financially, our Tenancy Sustainment team might be able to help you. They can support with budgeting, benefit applications and applying for grants. Support is tailored to individual circumstances.

Talk to your Income or Housing Officer for a referral to the Tenancy Sustainment team. Further information is available here

I claim Universal Credit or Housing Benefit, do I need to do anything?

Universal Credit

If you claim Universal Credit, or you are asked to claim Universal Credit, it is your responsibility to inform the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) of any changes to your rent.

Please update your housing costs on your Universal Credit online Journal or take your ‘Notice of Rent Increase 2024’ and your rent increase letter along to your local Jobcentre Plus, from 1 April 2024 onwards. Any updates submitted before this date will be rejected and will need to be resubmitted in April. When updating your rent amount, you will be asked about service charges; please use the figure outlined in your notice. For some customers this figure will be £0.00.

Housing Benefit

If you receive Housing Benefit, your claim will automatically be re-calculated from April 2024, based on your new rent amount. You do not need to contact your local council’s Housing Benefit section regarding this letter. We will notify them for you.

If you do not receive Housing Benefit and think you may qualify, please contact your local council directly. In most cases, online is the quickest way to apply.

East Staffordshire Borough Council: 01283 508422 or 
South Derbyshire District Council: 01283 595795 or
North West Leicestershire District Council: 01530 454545 or
North Warwickshire Borough Council: 01827 715341 or
Lichfield District Council: 01543 308000 or


Do I have to change my direct debit mandate with my bank?

We’ll automatically update your direct debit with the new rent amount, including any changes needed due to ‘rent free’ weeks.

What happens if I pay by standing order?

You’ll need to update your standing order in time for your first payment in April 2024. Please speak to your bank if you are unsure how to do this.

How much will the rent increase be?

The increase is 7.7% if you’re a tenant. For shared owners the increase is in line with your lease. If your rent includes service charges these will also be outlined in your notice. If you rent a garage or parking space from us, we will write to you separately with the new payment amount.

I am a shared owner who do I need to speak to?

Please contact our Income team on 01283 528528.

How can I get involved and help shape services?

Our Customer Voice Strategy offers customers a range of ways to get involved and shape the services we provide. For more information, see our Louder & Stronger page.

We also have a number of volunteering opportunities with an average of 4,000 hours a year gifted by volunteers.

We provide full training and employment support to everyone who volunteers with us. Find out more