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Are you someone with the passion to deliver our aims?

Are you someone who has the passion to deliver our aims? 

You’ll find everything you need to know about working for us including our current vacancies by clicking here.

 To go beyond the 'basics' of regulatory and government expectation and ensure we deliver the best services our customers need to thrive, Trent & Dove seek inspired and motivated people who have a clear purpose aligned with our vision - people who are driven to make a difference to the lives of others and who are committed to making a strong contribution in a forward-thinking, innovative organisation. 


Our aspirations are that Trent & Dove will be "a great place to work" for everyone. We want people who will not only share their thoughts and ideas but support them with actions that go beyond expectation.
In return we offer you our People Commitment: 

  • We are committed to "fair" market-led terms and conditions
  • We will offer flexibility - both in working hours and terms and conditions
  • We will remove barriers - be a consultative and engaging organisation that encourages every voice to be heard
  • We commit to progression and succession from within
  • We will keep you safe and encourage a healthy working environment
  • We want work to be fun and people that can contribute to an organisation that changes the lives of our customers for the better.

"One Trent & Dove, better every day"

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